RESTHeart data API server open sourced


RESTHeart data API server open sourced

30 November 2014  • SoftInstigate Team
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SoftInstigate is proud to announce that RESTHeart has been open sourced under the AGPL 3 license. It is available on github.

RESTHeart is the REST data API server for MongoDB.

Please visit to download it and for detailed documentation.

SoftInstigate is on the front line of the API revolution and strongly believes in the open source movement. RESTHeart is our contribution on changing the way software is developed.
Andrea Di Cesare, SoftInstigate founder and author of RESTHeart.

  • Zero development time: just start it and the data REST API is ready to use.
  • CRUD operations API on your data.
  • Data model operations API: create dbs, collections, indexes and the data structure.
  • Super easy setup with convention over configuration approach.
  • Pluggable security with User Management and ACL.
  • HAL hypermedia type.
  • Super lightweight: pipeline architecture, ~6Mb footprint, ~200Mb RAM peek usage, starts in milliseconds,..
  • High throughput: very small overhead on MongoDB performance.
  • Horizontally scalable: fully stateless architecture supporting MongoDB replica sets and shards.
  • Built on top of undertow non-blocking web server.
  • Embeds the excellent HAL browser by Mike Kelly (the author of the HAL specifications).
  • Supports Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) so that your one page web application can deal with RESTHeart running on a different domain.
  • Ideal as AngularJS (or any other MVW JavaScript framework) back-end.