RESTHeart API server is now a MongoDB contribution (Archived)

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RESTHeart API server is now a MongoDB contribution

04 December 2014  • SoftInstigate Team
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Today we are very happy to announce that RESTHeart has been included as a MongoDB contribution: RESTHeart is now enlisted in the HTTP Interface page on the official MongoDB documentation site.

In the last few days we have received a ton of contacts on social networks from people congratulating on us about this product and also about our decision to release the software to the community for free. The reason we decided to do so is mainly ethical: we are long term open-source advocates ourselves and so far we have built tens of solutions for our customers using open-source software, so we felt the need to give back to the community what we have received. This will also allow to grow the product even more, so we hope you are going to find it useful and give back your contributions as well.

We believed there was a gap in terms of maturity of HTTP Interfaces for MongoDB. We were looking for a solution that could enable us to integrate via HTTP APIs almost the whole MongoDB’s functions, with very little performance penalties. Our internal tests demonstrated that Undertow is, at present, the fastest server available, so you’ll find that accessing resources on MongoDB via RESTHeart is, by far, the fastest HTTP-based solution, with the additional value of the HAL standard.

RESTHeart has been licensed under the terms of the GNU AGPL V3, which is especially able to regulate software as a service solutions.

The Free Software Foundation has recommended that the GNU AGPL3 be considered for any software that will commonly be run over a network.

Incidentally, this is the same license as of MongoDB, and we independently went into the same conclusions as them while we were deciding for it:

The goal of the server license is to require that enhancements to MongoDB be released to the community. Traditional GPL often does not achieve this anymore as a huge amount of software runs in the cloud. For example, Google has no obligation to release their improvements to the MySQL kernel – if they do they are being nice.
MongoDB Licensing

RESTHeart is going to power some of our production APIs. We believe that, in addition to other channels like Web and mobile, API are the next big one and we are committed to design our architectural solutions with an API-first approach in mind.

While anything but new, application program interfaces (APIs) haven’t always in the spotlight. Now, the programming tool is becoming increasingly important, thanks to advances in mobile, cloud and machine-to-machine technologies.
Enterprise architect’s guide to API best practices and trends

The next steps in our road-map will be about adding more code examples and tutorials. We are going to publish them on this blog in the following days, as soon as they will be ready.

You can access RESTHeart’s code on GitHub.