RESTHeart 0.10.0 Release Notes


RESTHeart 0.10.0 Release Notes

15 February 2015  • SoftInstigate Team
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We are happy to announce RESTHeart v 0.10.0. This is a huge update, containing a big set of new features and hundreds of refactorings.

RESTHeart is the Data REST API Server for MongoDB. Open your data, quickly build HATEOAS applications, use it as your Web and mobile apps back-end.

New and notable improvements

  • Strict mode representation for MongoDB extended JSON (*)
  • Token based authentication
  • Query execution optimization via the eager DBCursor preallocation engine
  • Support for GridFS (early release, feedback appreciated!)
  • Can fork server process with --fork option (not available on Microsoft Windows, only Linux and Mac OSX)
  • Better support for data created by other clients (for instance by the mongo shell)
    • dbs and collections not created by RESTHeart are now immediately visible (no need for server restart anymore)
    • support for other doc id types (id type can be specified via the id_type query parameter)
    • collections properties moved to the reserved _properties collection (**)
    • _created_on property is not stored on documents anymore (generated from _id when it is an ObjectId)
  • Allowed pagesize=0 to avoid _embedded resources at all
  • Several bug fixes
  • All code repackaged to org.restheart
  • Refactoring, more test cases and better code quality
  • Updated all dependencies (notably, Undertow 1.1.2.Final)

Note: if updating from previous RESTHeart versions (<= 0.9.7):

  • Resource representation and filter expression changed (*)
  • Need to move the collections properties to _properties collection (**)

We are still missing a lot of documentation - work is in progress - but if you could help us improving it, this would be a huge benefit for the community. You can also help the open-source project by opening issues, questions or pull requests on GitHub. We’d love to hear from you how you are using the tool.

Commercial support and hosting

Starting from this release we can also provide commercial support and dedicated development for the product if you plan to use it for your business, both on premises and as a service. Just send us an email telling us your specific needs and for a preliminary discussion of available options.