RESTHeart 0.10.1 Release Notes


RESTHeart 0.10.1 Release Notes

08 April 2015  • SoftInstigate Team
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Release Notes - Restheart - Version 0.10.1

RESTHeart 0.10.1 is available. It’s a bugfix release with many improvements and fixes.

This version has been fully tested with MongoDB 3.0.


  • [RH-71] - GetRoleHandler does not take auth token into account
  • [RH-72] - requests to /_authtoken/<userid> lead to 401 Unauthorized
  • [RH-74] - wrong return code if request is not permitted but user is authenticated
  • [RH-75] - CORS headers not injected on ApplicationLogicHandler if authentication fails
  • [RH-76] - Auth-Token-* headers cannot be read by browser when request is to a different domain
  • [RH-78] - RequestContext does not flow through Security Handlers chain


  • [RH-69] - determine file contentType automagically
  • [RH-77] - simplify how AccessManager can take decisions based on request body
  • [RH-80] - Insert the new Etag in the HTTP headers after a PATCH