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Plain JSON representation in upcoming RESTHeart 3.0

07 September 2016  • SoftInstigate Team
Categories: en, technology  • Tags: restheart

The upcoming RESTHeart 3.0 release is going to bring a new, exiting feature: plain JSON representation of resources besides the usual HAL format. This dramatically simplifies handling with the API and answers some feedbacks we got from the community; as usual, you asked, we listened!

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What's new in RESTHeart 1.1.0

08 December 2015  • SoftInstigate Team
Categories: en, technology  • Tags: restheart

We are proud to announce the release of RESTHeart v 1.1.0. This is a big update, with 1 new feature, 7 improvements and 5 bugfixes. We got several feedbacks from the community that allowed us to focus on real user needs: you asked, we listened!

  • Aggregation Operations
  • Compact HAL representation
  • Define the connection to MongoDB using Mongo URI
  • Allow the connect to MongoDB with only read or readWrite role
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What RESTHeart is Not

19 November 2015  • SoftInstigate Team
Categories: en, technology  • Tags: restheart

We are asked once in a while how RESTHeart can be embedded in a traditional JEE Application Server. However RESTHeart is designed to operate in microservice architectures as a stand alone process. It does one thing and it does it well.

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A Better Branching Model for RESTHeart

08 October 2015  • SoftInstigate Team
Categories: en, technology  • Tags: restheart

RESTHeart’s GitHub repo so far has been organized mimicking the Gitflow process, but we think this is not anymore a best practice for products.

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RESTHeart 1.0.0 Release Notes

28 September 2015  • SoftInstigate Team
Categories: en, technology  • Tags: restheart

We are proud to announce the release of RESTHeart v 1.0.0. This is a huge update, with focus on stability, documentation and operation.

This release is production ready.

RESTHeart - the leading Web API for MongoDB.

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RESTHeart 0.10.1 Release Notes

08 April 2015  • SoftInstigate Team
Categories: en, technology  • Tags: restheart

Release Notes - Restheart - Version 0.10.1

RESTHeart 0.10.1 is available. It’s a bugfix release with many improvements and fixes.

This version has been fully tested with MongoDB 3.0.

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RESTHeart 0.10.0 Release Notes

15 February 2015  • SoftInstigate Team
Categories: en, technology  • Tags: restheart

We are happy to announce RESTHeart v 0.10.0. This is a huge update, containing a big set of new features and hundreds of refactorings.

RESTHeart is the Data REST API Server for MongoDB. Open your data, quickly build HATEOAS applications, use it as your Web and mobile apps back-end.

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A simple and effective local Git workflow

28 January 2015  • Maurizio Turatti
Categories: en, technology  • Tags: git

Git is a wonderful piece of software, I really love it. It permeates my daily routine so much that I can’t even imagine how I could work without it. On the other hand, Git has been, for many developers, initially a bit hostile, because it opens a huge amount of possibilities and it’s easy to misuse it. So, after a bit of experience, I developed a personal workflow which helps me using the tool more effectively.

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Measuring RESTHeart's Performances

26 January 2015  • SoftInstigate Team
Categories: en, technology  • Tags: restheart, mongodb

In the last few days we have spent a considerable amount of time measuring RESTHeart’s performances. We have gathered interesting information, the most relevant is that RESTHeart delivers excellent performances and it often overcomes the results that can be achieved accessing MongoDB directly.

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RESTHeart: stop deploying and enjoy piping

15 January 2015  • SoftInstigate Team
Categories: en, technology  • Tags: restheart, mongodb

RESTHeart is the Open Source data REST API server for MongoDB. Despite this definition, not only it exposes the data, but also serves static resources and custom application logic. Everything goes through its simple yaml configuration file: this is what we call piping and it is easy and effective, so that you don’t have to deal with complex deployments anymore. And more exciting features are on the way…

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Interview with Eric Ezechieli from Nativa

09 January 2015  • Claudio De Lucchi
Categories: en, business  • Tags: partner

Develop together both industrial innovation and people’s welfare is the purpose of Nativa, one of SoftInstigate’s partners more active in terms of innovation. A commitment recently recognized at the institutional level, through the award assigned by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano to OURO, a software co-developed by Nativa and SoftIstigate, which builds on the future of society and environment, as Eric Ezechieli, Evolution Officer and co-founder of Nativa, is telling us in this short interview.

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RESTHeart API server is now a MongoDB contribution

04 December 2014  • SoftInstigate Team
Categories: en, technology  • Tags: restheart, opensource, api, mongodb

Few days ago we announced the availability of our REST API server as open-source software. Today we are very happy to announce that it has been included as a MongoDB contribution: RESTHeart is now enlisted in the HTTP Interface page on the official MongoDB documentation site.

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RESTHeart data API server open sourced

30 November 2014  • SoftInstigate Team
Categories: en, technology  • Tags: restheart, opensource, api, mongodb

SoftInstigate is proud to announce that RESTHeart has been open sourced under the AGPL 3 license. It is available on github.

RESTHeart is the REST data API server for MongoDB.

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Ouro, developed by SoftInstigate for Nativa, awarded by the President of the Republic

17 November 2014  • SoftInstigate Team
Categories: en, business  • Tags: partner, product

We proudly announce that the software platform Ouro, developed for our partner Nativa, has been awarded a few days ago by the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano within the Award for Sustainable Development.

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When men were men and HTML was static

07 November 2014  • Maurizio Turatti
Categories: en, technology  • Tags: jekyll, cms, architecture

In the last few weeks we’ve spent some amount of time trying to figure out what could be the best blogging solution for this Web site. We had some internal requirements but, above all, this site is based upon a custom Bootstrap 3 theme which we didn’t want to change, at least not substantially. The theme still needs adjustments, but being strong proponents of an iterative approach, we are just into a continuous integration and deployment process.

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Where will you be when everything is changed?

05 November 2014  • SoftInstigate Team
Categories: en, business  • Tags: agile, lean

Agile disciplines, approaches and tools like DevOps, Cloud Computing and the upcoming Enterprise API revolution are quickly and deeply changing the software development and delivery landscape.

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