• Serverless

    We implement Java and Node.js Serverless Cloud solutions.

  • Microservices

    We design modular, loosely coupled architectures based on Docker containers.

  • MongoDB

    We created RESTHeart, the most popular REST API for MongoDB.

We are a highly specialized services company, focused at helping clients with:

  • Developing new cloud-ready applications.
  • Migrating legacy applications to AWS.
  • Reengineering monolithic applications to microservices and Serverless Computing.
  • Managing continuous software operability using DevOps best practices.

SoftInstigate is a MongoDB Technology Partner and the company developing RESTHeart, the most popular REST API for MongoDB.

We believe in simpler and more sustainable ways of working. We are inspired by the principles of the Agile Manifesto.

What we do

We give concrete shape to ideas, adopting an iterative process inspired by the "Lean Startup" approach.


We take a business vision and we map it on a technical path. We spread it along a viable roadmap.


We engineer modern, cloud-ready applications, based on microservices and serverless functions.


We setup and manage continuous software operability using DevOps best practices.

Software architecture is those decisions which are both important and hard to change.
Martin Fowler

How we work

We reduce the time between the conception of a new feature and its deployment.


We work iteratively and incrementally, eliminating waste and focusing on the delivery of working software.


We are specialized in the development of Serverless systems and Microservices deployed as Docker containers.


We create and deploy RESTful APIs. We are experts of the AWS API Gateway.


We enable the Continuos Deployment of autonomous services. We are experts of BitBucket pipelines and GitHub Actions.

A startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.
Eric Ries



Our Manifesto